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4/7/16 Chatham Township Resolution 2016-096 - Legal Retainer
6/17/15 Codey-Kean Resolution to Halt Pilgrim Pipeline Advances
4/27/15 Chatham Township Committee Passes First of Its Kind Ordinance Prohiniting Unregulated Pipelines

TAP Into Chatham: Chatham Township Adopts Amendment of Land-Use Ordinance that Prohibits Pilgrim Pipeline

4/23/15 An Ordinance Amending Chapter XXX, Article 7, Titled “Zoning Regulations”, Section 30-96.9, Titled “Prohibited Uses”, Of The Revised General Ordinances Of The Township Of Chatham Prohibiting Unregulated Pipelines In Any Zoning District
4/21/15 Letter from the Planning Board to the Township Committee regarding Ordinance 2015-10

Pilgrim Pipeline official says pipeline safer for transporting crucial fuels

2/10/15 Community Meeting Planned with State Legislators on February 25
1/29/15 NJ State League of Municipalities: Interstate Oil Pipeline Projects Update
12/19/14 Assembly opposes Pilgrim Pipeline that would cross through 7 N.J. counties
12/19/14 Pilgrim execs fire back at N.J. Assembly's resolution opposing pipeline
12/02/14 Update: Utility "still considering" Albany Pipeline Project
(The Buzz: Business News)
12/01/14 Alternative Press: PSE&G Denies Right-of-Way to Pilgrim Pipeline; Hands Setback to Oil Pipeline Construction
11/16/14 Landowner Rights Workshop – 12/8/14 at 6:30 PM - Library of the Chathams
Chatham Citizens Opposing the Oil Pipeline (Click here to join the Facebook group)
  Sierra Club of New Jersey
  Map of Pipeline Impacts on Surface Water Quality
  Oakland Environmental Commission Report






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